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Going Old Republic!

Shae Vizla – Mandalorian bounty hunter from Star Wars –

I’ve always loved the Old Republic era of Star Wars (well frankly I love all eras of Star Wars), but I am pretty sure that I haven’t ever drawn any characters from that particular timeline. I thought I should change that and because I have been into Mandalorians just lately Shae was the perfect choice.

Apart from being in the actual SWTOR game as a companion character (which I’m still bitter about not being able to play because I’m on a Mac), she also features in the amazing CGI trailers for the game. If you haven’t seen them, you absolutely should check them out – just search YouTube, it’s worth it.

There was also some merchandise featuring her including a 3.75″ action figure from Hasbro. The figure itself was very nice, lots of detail, articulation and accessories – the head sculpt however was not pretty, not at all. Luckily she came with a helmeted head as well. 🙂

I decided to draw this on a SketchLife sketch card and wanted to approach the piece in greyscale with pencil shading. As I worked on her I added black ink to a few areas to crispen up some details and to create a more dramatic look. I wanted a stylised form of realism for her.


Please drop me a message in the comments and let me know what you think of this piece and what other Old Republic characters you would be interested in seeing as I would definitely like to draw some more.

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