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Psylocke – X-Men Sketch Card

The X-Men from the 90’s era are and always will be my X-Men, the characters and the stories are very dear to me and although when I imagine of any of those characters nowadays I still picture them in their Jim Lee outfits I do very much like some of the more recent costume designs as well.

Psylocke had one of the most skimpy, revealing costumes during the 90’s and I still love it. It was very much of it’s time in comics, but it did also capture her personality as she almost revelled in her sexuality and how it affected those around her. Whether turning people on or just making them uncomfortable, it gave her an edge over other individuals and at the same time seemed to give her a thrill. You also had the fact that the body she was in wasn’t her own – her mind was switched into the body of a Japanese assassin called Kwannon. The fact that she enjoyed her new body, but didn’t feel connected to it in the same way probably resulted in her not feeling as protective of it physically/sexually as she did her own natural form. Of course, the costume could have been designed that way for simple fanboy titillation, but surely that couldn’t possibly have been the case. 😉

She has had several updates through the years, but always eventually seemed to revert back to that 90’s look or something very similar. I’ve felt for a long time that she needed a new look. Something a bit more subtle and practical but still striking. The costume that she has been given for the Extraordinary X-Men series really hit the nail on the head for me. She looks like a ‘proper’ ninja superhero now and the design is practical, sleek and elegantly form fitting. Soooo, I just had to draw her –

I’ve been playing in greyscale again recently and I drew this all in pencil. It did take a while to get the tones right and it was a pain to photo, but I am happy with how she turned out, there’s a lot of subtle detail on the piece in hand. I think at some point I may need to draw a larger colour piece of Psylocke in her new costume, but for now this one captures the look I wanted.

The original sketch card is currently available for sale in our store here –

What do you think of Psylocke’s new costume? Let me know in the comments and hope you like the new piece of artwork.


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