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Aliya & Hybrid 175 – Original Artwork Available!

I’ve decided to put my original artwork of Aliya and Hybrid 175 up for sale in our store. This piece was created and used for a trading card in The Seven Revelations set published by SketchLords. The set featured art and characters from a core group of seven creators (myself included) and then another group of wonderful artists provided sketch card artwork based on our seven storylines.

I provided two pieces of artwork for the trading card set featuring characters from my Order of Dray’kkon universe. One piece featured the heroes – Ema and Rose and this one features the villains – the twisted and corrupt Aliya and her menacing bodyguard Hybrid 175.

I am extremely proud of the work from this set and what it will always mean to me, but I think now is the right time to offer it for sale so that it can move to a new home and hopefully be cherished by someone for a long time to come.

You can find it in the store here –